Thursday, August 16, 2007

Did you hear about the Chinese couple who tried to name their baby "@"? I'm not making this up! The couple meant well...the Chinese call the symbol "at" when its used in e-mail addresses (as is the case in English) and "ai ta" in Mandarin means "love him." But can you imagine the amount of spam that this kid's going to get??

[Feel free to insert whatever "where you at" joke you find most funny here...]

I like my idea better: auction the kid's name off. Before Bud was born, I had this idea to write to a number of major corporations, giving the right to name my child to the highest bidder. Think of it: "Continental Airlines Newfamily." Or "Coca-cola Newfamily." We're talking a whole lifetime's worth of publicity! Everywhere that kid went, he'd be a walking would be worth millions! Oh sure, it may screw the kid up for life, but certainly no more than naming the kid @! Also, the revenue would cover college. Plus, the kid would have first-hand experience in the field of marketing and advertising.

It didn't take Newmommy very long to drop the veto on that one.

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