Saturday, April 19, 2008

Le Superparent

Apologies for my neglect, I was on a two-week business trip to Europe. One of my stops was Paris. I had the opportunity to do a little sight-seeing over the weekend and found myself at the Arc de Triomphe. The view from the top is pretty amazing. Anyway, to get to the top of the Arc, there is no elevator, one needs to navigate this long spiral staircase.

Not an entirely amazing feat- even your out-of-shape humble narrator was able to do it. [Sidenote: I went jogging two weeks ago, and on the jog tried to figure out when the last time I worked out was. I think George Bush (W., not H.W.) was President, but I can't promise it was during this term.]

At the top, I saw this.

That is "superparenting," folks. Someone brought a stroller to the top of the Arc. That means that someone dragged that thing up that long spiral staircase and, in all probability, brought a stroller-age kid to the top. Bravo!

Time to get my Matzah on...Happy Passover.

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