Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Daughter the Frat Boy

Sign my daughter up for a frat.

Friday night, she walks into our family room, "watch the Yankees." Not Elmo...not Dora...the Yankees. "See Joe De-a-magio." OK, a few years too late...but the right idea. At least she knows "De-lick Je-ler."

Saturday morning, Newmommy asks, "What do you want for breakfast?" "Beers." The fact that she said beers...plural...made that priceless. Not 'till you're fifteen.....

Today, we told her we were having a bar-b-que. All day "" Of course, by the time the grillin' was almost done, she was, as Newaunt would say, a "hot mess," so we needed to put her down for a nap. First thing she said when she woke up: "hot dogs! hot dogs!"

Sports, alcohol and meat. Damn, I'm a good father.

[N.B.: No...of course I don't give Bud beer. But, I do give her hot hot dogs...(what kind of dad feeds kosher hot dogs??). And, I expose her to the Yankees like all good fathers should.]

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