Sunday, November 11, 2007

Reunited (and it feels so good)

Newnana and Newgrampy pull up to our house at about 10:30am with Bud in the car. After not seeing her for about six days now, Newmommy and I run down the stairs, trying to get an edge on the other so we could see her first. It was like being on a second-grade lunch line. We had obviously not seen the grandparents either, but we nearly knocked them over on our way to see Bud. (Out of my way, whoever you are...)

Bud looks different. She's grown so much in a week. She also looks congested and uncomfortable. But, she looks at me and says "dada." No, she did not forget about me! Woohoo.

The next week was difficult, and the reason, we ultimately found out, was that she had Roseola. Which is like penne except longer something kids get, which starts as a +103 fever, and ends with a body rash. Finding out that news actually put us a ease, as its a common sickness that goes away, but until we found out what it was, Bud just wasn't herself. Yes, she was sick. Yes, we were in a new house. Yes, we had been gone and now we're back and she's probably confused. Lots was going on. Yet, it was hard not to think that we somehow upset her, and she was holding it against us.

Luckily, as soon as the rash went away, she was back to smiles, strawberries and her obsession with Laurie Berkner.

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