Sunday, November 04, 2007

Vacation Days 4 & 5: Sick & Sicker

Vacation Day 4 was more of the same: chillaxin' in the sun with the occasional (ok, more than just 'occasional') Belashi...which is Aruban for beer. (Apparently, they don't have a website, and apparently "Belashi" is also a town in Kazakhstan. Yegshemesh!)

Vacation Night 4 was game four of the MLB World Series. I don't need to recap the tragic events, but lets just say the eight inning marked a true low for Yankees fans. As we were watching the giant World Series foot heading in slow motion toward our collective left nut, A-Rob/Scott Boras gave us a quick shot to the right one. We're going to need an icepack the size of the Bronx to get us through the very, very long winter.

And then, on day five, we got the real bad news: Bud has a fever. (Yes, I do have some perspective). We found out in the early evening and were set to fly home the next day, so an earlier flight would not have made much of a difference. Still, we were in Aruba and wanted nothing more than to hop a flight and take care of Bud. We both felt trapped. What's more, we've been, so far, really lucky, and Bud has not yet had a fever...and this one topped 103, so needless to say, we really wanted to get home.

The flights from Aruba to Newark (via San Juan) are somewhere around 5 hours total; but it felt like a week. The last time I was on a Caribbean flight that felt that long, it was because the movie was "Rumor Has It." Ugghh....

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