Sunday, April 29, 2007


  • Bad Parenting?: Are there any other fathers out there who, when reading nursery rhymes, can't help but think of Andrew Dice Clay's renditions from the early nineties? "Hickory, Dickory, Doc...."
  • New Toy: Apparently, daddy's glasses are more fun than any Leapfrog talking, singing, put-it-together, battery-operated toy. Bud's not hard to please. Grab daddy's glasses from his face, shake, then eat.
  • Update: Bud's smile seems to be developing into this face-scrunch over-smile, which is very cute. I've seen this from a lot of babies around this age.
  • Observation: It seems that every time I bad-mouth a Yankee, they end up proving me wrong. (For example...) With that in mind.... man, that Abreu, Damon, Cano, Cabrera, Menkwekwiskch....., can't seem to get a hit lately.
  • P.S. I do realize that it's Igawa, not Ikawa...but it's transliteration anyway, right?

[Edit (2:10pm), bottom of the third- Doug Mientkiewicz, 3-run HR vs. Tavarez (BOS). It's scary. I sure don't think Wang can strike out every remaining batter...]


SoxLover said...

What, no further updates?

buddaddy said...

I miss the good old days.