Saturday, October 07, 2006

Off-topic Rant: The Yankees


Are we friends yet?

I know that this blog is about my entrance into the world of fatherhood, but I figure we've reached a point in our relationship that we can periodically expand into other topics. So, let's talk about what's on my mind.

The Yankees are out of the post-season. For all intents and purposes, baseball season is over (at least for me). And they went out like suckers.

First, credit where credit is due- the Tigers played a hell of a series. Bonderman pitched an amazing game today.

Now, to the Yankees...the team needs to be completely revamped...the team needs to be broken completely apart and put back together. Here's my theory- the Yankees, especially the post-season lineup, are a collection of some of the best players ever to play the game. Everyone on that lineup had at least one appearance in an All-Star game! Problem is, they are not good as a team. So, you have a bunch of great individual players. After 162 games, mathematically, you are probably going to come up with enough games to make it to the post-season. But, when you need to win three specific games...say 3 against the Tigers (or Angels or A's for that matter), or 4 against the Marlins or Red Sox...that's really difficult. Adding post-season pressure, the teams playing as teams will probably outplay the random collection of all-stars. And that's what happened today.

As much as I hate to say it, the Yankees have to lose some of the dead weight and start over. First divestiture...A-Rod. I really thought he was going to show all the booing-NY-ers that they were wrong. Guess not. Randy Johnson...he's a headcase. On the list of keepers: Jeter, Cano, Posada. What the Yanks really need to do is realize that there is a wealth of talent in their farm system! Cano, Cabrera, Wang...who else is playing AAA or AA that can be of help next season?

Some will tell you it came down to pitching. Maybe, maybe not. I still believe Moose is a solid pitcher (although I did not have faith in Johnson or Wright.) Back in the late '90s, however, the success came not out of the individual players, but out of the team chemistry that just wasn't there this year.

Well, at least the Red Sox didn't knock us out.

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