Monday, October 30, 2006

I Love Lamp, I Love Lamp

What's great about having a baby is you get to re-live everything. I am rediscovering things that my daughter is only discovering for the first time, and appreciating how great they are. Last week, we had two major discoveries.

First, hands. Hands are pretty friggin' cool! I've taken them for granted, but when you stop and think about it...without hand gestures, how else would we know how good/bad a movie is? How else would waiters know when to bring us the check? How else would we greet fellow occupants of the New Jersey Turnpike who cut us off before exit 8 last weekend in the red Hyundai?

Second, light. Every time we pass a light, she stares at it. When I feed her, she just looks up at the lamp behind the feeding chair. I think she loves lamp, not unlike Steve Carell.

Two other things I'd like to mention...

A good friend of mine (who will remain nameless until he tells me this news is public) will be joining the world of newdaddys soon. He asked me: what conventional wisdom about parenting turned out to be wrong? I told him that everyone says diaper changes are the hardest thing about being a new parent; when I really think it's feeding. This gave me an idea for a feature on this blog: Ask Newdaddy. Got a question about newdaddydom? Ask me by sending an e-mail to I can't promise that my answer will be right, or that it won't be a bunch of garbled palaver, but it may make for a good topic.

Second, DaddyG, another close friend of mine, has recently been re-inducted into the world of newdaddys. Be sure to check out DaddyG's "A Daddy's Diary."

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