Monday, October 09, 2006

Newdaddy: One Month Report Card

Sunday marked Bud's one month birthday! The time sure went fast. Let's take a look back on my first month as a father, and see how I scored.

Feeding: B. I got the basics down: the "football hold" (which, ironically, I never got down in gym class), mixing the formula quickly so as not to leave her crying, etc. I deducted points for my inability to burp properly.

Running to the store to pick up stuff: A+. I got very good at that this month...even better than during the training period (pregnancy).

"Stuff" assembly: A-. Not only is it incredible how much "stuff" you need for a new baby, it's also incredible how much stuff requires assembly. Thankfully, assembly has gotten easier, and instructions have generally gotten better since I put together Ikea furniture in my college apartment. Lost points as I think it takes me longer than it should.

Baby Talk: B+. I am getting very good at talking in "Baby." Yes, I am! Yes, I am!! Yesh I am my googly-woogly. Lost points 'cause I still get annoyed hearing it from other people.

One-handed-task-negotiation: A-. With a baby in one hand, doing normal tasks with only one hand is a challenge. But, as a corporate lawyer, I have become quite proficient at the drink-and-plate-of-appetizers-in-one-hand-so-as-to-keep-the-fork-free maneuver at cocktail parties...this was a natural step for me.

Long-phrases-connected-by-dashes: A+.

Photography: B. Essential to any good father's repertoire. It's not that my pics aren't good, I just don't take enough. I have to get on that.

I did pretty well this month, although some areas need improvement. We'll revisit this next month.

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