Sunday, October 01, 2006

First Date (since the baby)

Last night, Newmommy and I had our first night out since the baby arrived. We left Bud (still no luck on a nickname that'll stick) with Newgrandma (my mother...Newmommy's mother is Newnana) and went into the city for dinner.

As we walked down Second Avenue, we saw groups of city-raised teenagers beginning their nights out in the same venues that we frequented when I was in law school. We were amazed that people who looked fifteen and sixteen were bar-hoping; and then it hit us, almost simultaneously: we are parents out for the night, with the babysitter at home. That is bizarre.

It got weirder when I called Newgrandma. I'll admit it- I was checking in on them. I asked how things were going. Newgrandma: "fine...she's doing great!" I asked if Bud ate, burped, was if my own mother never had kids! Finally, Newgrandma said, "everything is fine, you go have fun and let me get back to my granddaughter!" (The inflection was very reminiscent of "Maaaahhhhmmmm! I'm fiiiinnnnne. Leave me alooooone!")

To my defense, I only did call once, and we stayed out a good portion of the night. But, leaving her...even with those I trust, is going to take some getting used to.

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