Thursday, November 02, 2006

Aloha Mr. Hand!

I'd like to elaborate on my last post...

My "your-first-year-as-a-parent" books all tell me that during her second month, my daughter will spend a lot of time examining her hands. This is good, as she's learning that her hands are actually part of her body. The books say that by sucking on her hands, and then a pacifier, bottle, shirt, etc., she will begin to tell her body from inanimate objects. I guess that's a good skill to have.

The bad news is that learning the intricacies of the hand is frustrating the hell out of her. She really, really wants to suck her thumb. She'll sit there and stare at her fist, trying so hard to figure out how to do it, all the while looking visibly angry because she can't figure it out! Sometimes she'll just stare, other times she'll get close and suck on her fist. A few times, she'd stare for a few minutes, and then deck herself in the eye (then, understandably, cry.)

This whole process is actually pretty amazing to watch, as I'm sure next week or the week after, she'll figure it out, and then move on to some other challenge we've all taken for granted. It's a lot of fun seeing the wheels turn....

DAMN!! I just spent forty minutes rocking Bud to sleep, and just now my f-ing cell phone rang and woke her up. I guess I'll finish this another time.

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