Sunday, November 12, 2006

I will turn this car around!

A quick, random thought for a Sunday night:

Today, we were on our way to do the Grandparents Committee tour (both sets live in central New Jersey). I turned to Newmommy and said, "Do you realize, we are mom and dad...driving to grandma's house?" I fought the urge to turn around and say to Bud, "I WILL turn this car around!" She was asleep.

Major developments for this week:
  • Smiling. She started that two weeks ago, but now she is responding to our smiles.
  • Cooing. It's not a cry, and not really talking or's something in the middle. Her facial expressions, however, look like she's trying to tell us something. (Didn't Homer Simpson's brother invent a baby translator? I need to get me one of those.)
OK, back to the Giants game.

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Anonymous said...

How come Newaunt isn't mentioned in this blog? Is she a nonentity in the world of Bud? The Grandparents Committee receives much love and recognition. However, Newaunt visits at least once a week and has participated in numerous feeding, burping, and changing sessions. She has also brought breakfast, dinner, and Starbucks to Newmommy and Newdaddy when Bud was first born. Is it that "Newaunt" doesn't has a nice ring to it?