Saturday, November 25, 2006

Book Report: Goodnight Moon

"Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Clement Hurd, is a children's classic book originally published almost sixty years ago. Every parent I know has this book in their child's collection.

And I just don't get it.

Now, there are some very cool features about this book. As the book progresses, the time on the clock gets later, the room gets darker and the moon gets higher.

But who the hell can sleep with all that's going on in that room? There's a red balloon, a rabbit in the bed and another sewing (since when are rabbits 'old ladies' anyway?) , freaky pictures of animals, cats, mice, and a bowl of mush that's no doubt stinking up the room.

I had a similar issue with Sandra Boynton's "The Going to Bed Book." These animals all take a bath together (and I'm not even going to go there...), put on their pajamas, and then go work out! Who can sleep right after working out...especially in sweaty pajamas?

All in all, however, these books put my little girl to bed, so I guess I'd recommend them despite the fact that I just don't get them.

And, far be it from me to mention "Goodnight Moon" without mentioning this famous rendition!

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