Monday, November 06, 2006

The times they are a'becoming quite different

As I mentioned in my very first post on this blog, as a father-to-be, I received a lot of 'warnings' about the perils of parenthood from current fathers. Everyone warned, "your life is going to change...get those nights out, nights of sleep, movies, etc. in now." The song is a bit different now that I actually have a child.

A few nights ago, Newmommy and I visited friends of ours who have a ten-month old. Rather than warn me about what was to come, the father gave me an exciting preview.

"Oh, it's great! At about four months, they start to develop real personalities." He then described all of the things I can look forward to: playing, constant smiles, talking (sort of), easier feedings (thank God!), and laughter.

This really is the trend now. In my first post, I asked, "Is it that most guys just don't enjoy being fathers? Or is it the same BS hazing-the-new-guy that we got before starting high school?" Now that I am "in the club", I know it is the latter. And that's encouraging for the state of fathers these days.

So, in the spirit of things to look forward to, I leave you with this video someone forwarded me...

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