Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Newdaddy: Two Month Report Card

I realize it's a little belated, as Bud's two month birthday passed last week, but considering we reached that milestone (and considering that I also reached the milestone of my fiftieth blog post), I give you my two-month report card.

Work-Baby Balance: B. It started off well; I took a good amount of time off for paternity leave. But now that year-end is approaching, I've come home a few nights after Bud's gone to bed, so I took off some points for that.

Convincing my friends that I'm still cool despite the fact that I change diapers: D. Another "balance" that I am trying to maintain is family/friends, and I have made a conscious effort lately to spend time with the boys. I can't help but think, however, that they look at me a bit different, knowing that I handle baby poop.

Putting Bud to Bed: C. Shhhhh.....shhhhh.....shhhhhh. Your eyes are closed, so I'm going to stop rocking you and gently put you in your...DAMN! Let's start again.

Photography: A. An area of improvement...my home and office are now filled with pictures.

Giving respect to my sister: C.
I have not mentioned Newaunt much on this blog, so let me give you five reasons why my sister rocks:
(1) She drove us to the hospital when Newmommy was "scheduled" to give birth.
(2) She's a free babysitter. Well, I guess it's not free if I'm paying for the sushi.
(3) She got us one of the best baby presents: the white noise machine. Yes, this thing does work in helping babies sleep.
(4) In her own words, she "visits at least once a week and has participated in numerous feeding, burping, and changing sessions. She has also brought breakfast, dinner, and Starbucks to Newmommy and Newdaddy when Bud was first born."
(5) She's promised not to introduce my daughter to a place called "the mall" or things called "credit cards." OK, that's wishful thinking. (please!)

Teaching the finer points in life: A. Forget "Baby Einstein", Bud's into classic rock. She has also seen baseball and football games (on TV, of course) and although she has not actually eaten sushi, she has been explained how it's done.

Not such a hot GPA this month. I'd better re-check my Scantron sheets to make sure that nothing was graded incorrectly. (That never was the case.)

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Anonymous said...

YAY! Thanks for the Newaunt shout-outs!