Monday, November 27, 2006


My portable XM Radio is broken, so I sent it back to get fixed as it's still under warranty. Unfortunately, that leaves me with nothing to listen to on my morning commute but my own thoughts, which are not as entertaining as Opie and Anthony.

This morning, I got to thinking...iPods are taking over the world. It seems like everything is designed to plug into an iPod, or have an iPod plugged into it: furniture, cars, airplane seats. I dare you to walk into a Sharper Image and find something that's not compatible with an iPod. (OK, don't do that, but you get my point...)

My mind wandered to a prediction made by a relative of mine (who will remain nameless). He believes that in a few years, people will be able to go to a store and buy replacement body parts. I wonder if these body parts will be compatible with iPods also. Wouldn't that be convenient? Plugging an iPod right into your arm?

No, it's actually pretty disturbing. I want my XM radio back.

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