Thursday, September 07, 2006

...and Bud is getting Laaaaaarger

Apparently, even before birth, my child is already a lot like me; preferring a well-planned out event to spontaneity. Newmommy is five days past her due date, Bud's clocking in at about eight pounds and the good doctor has recommended that Newmommy get induced.

So, forget what I expected: us waking up at 3 in the morning, her screaming in pain, me packing the rest of our hospital bag like a maniac...and then driving to the hospital backward because my teenage son who failed his driver's test took the car out on a joyride the night before, and some drunk guy stole it, smashed it up and puked in it...

Instead, Bud has his first Palmpilot entry: birth at 8am.

P.S. Newmommy has selected the following movies for our overnight bag:
  • "Stewie Griffin, the Untold Story"
  • "Wedding Crashers"
  • "The 40 Year Old Virgin"
  • "Mean Girls"
  • "Old School"

Man, I love this chick.


Rob Barron said...

What can you make of this?

I can make a hat, a brooch, a pterodactyl...

Give me that!

Of course, if that's not what the title was referencing, then I sound like an idiot. Actually I do that a lot in life and get that kind of reaction. It's nice to know I'm the same on the web.

Congrats on the birth! Hope all is well! (And don't forget to keep up the blog, I'm trying to plan my wife's first days at home and I need a point of reference. thx)

buddaddy said...

Thanks Rob! That is exactly what I was referencing, and when I ran this post past Newmommy, she said no one would get it. YES! I WIN!