Monday, September 04, 2006

A Ten-Pound Dump

What does it feel like to deliver a baby? Our birthing instructor described it as taking a "ten-pound dump." I thought I'd share that visual with you.

I realize this is a strange question for a man to ask. Rather than ask the question, I should be thankful that I never have to know the answer. However, Bud is due today (technically, yesterday), and neither Newmommy nor I have any idea what to expect. How is this whole process supposed to begin? The doctors, books, etc. all are pretty vague on the subject: they talk about contractions, cramps, "bloody show" (which sounds like a horror flick)...but knowing when all of these factors are leading to delivery..."she'll know it when it happens."

I guess I can understand that. Try to describe how you feel before you actually do take a dump (whether or not it is ten pounds.) It's hard to describe, isn't it? know it when it happens.

And while we're on the subject....

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