Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Milkshake Is Better Than Yours

"Oh...and not once did I have to leave the house at 2am to get a pint of Ben & Jerry's double-mocha-banana split ice cream with a bag of gummy bears for mixin'." - me on Thursday

I spoke too soon. (Well, almost.)

Newmommy has not had many cravings during her now-40 week, two day pregnancy. There has only been one: a chocolate milkshake from Tom's diner on 112th and Broadway (the one from Seinfeld and the Suzanne Vega song), served in a large metal diner-style cup, so thick that when you pour it, a little bit will run out followed by a thump of chocolate ice cream.

So, last night, figuring that she had not quenched this craving, and because we needed something to take our mind off Bud's reluctance to meet his parents, we decided to travel into Manhattan for dinner and this very special milkshake.

We got to our table and ordered. Newmommy ordered a chocolate milkshake, to which the waitress responded: "I am sorry, we're out of chocolate ice cream." Newmommy went through the five stages of grieving in about 30 seconds, and looked like Clark W. Griswold when he found out that Walley World was closed (she also looked like she wanted to flatten the waitress's nose like Marty Moose).

(In all fairness, we should have done our research; that was so not like us. Newmommy calls our three local Tasti-d-lites before going out just to find out which one is serving the best flavors.)

Newmommy then asked, "What if we got you some chocolate ice cream, could you make the shake?" The waitress laughed, thinking she was joking. She wasn't. So, off I was to the D'agistino's on 110th for a pint of Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice cream. I get to the line and, of course, every Columbia undergrad starting classes today was stocking their fridge. It was like a scene out of "Not Another Teen Movie:"

"Excuse me ladies and gentlemen. There's a girl at Tom's diner, who is pregnant. If she doesn't get her chocolate shake served in a large metallic cup, she may leave me, and take my unborn child with her!"

I finally got the ice cream, and, sure enough, Tom made his special shake. Watching Newmommy drink it was like watching the end of "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle."

I guess I'll never know what happens when you don't fulfill a pregnant woman's craving. But, you know what, that's probably an experience I could do without.

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