Thursday, August 31, 2006

Newmommy is a Champion

Yes, I realize that I have previously commented on the cheesiness of certain other daddy-blogs. But, as we approach the end of Newmommy's pregnancy, I wanted to recap the expert-style with which she handled her first pregnancy.

Month 1: Rocked out in Montreal for New Year's Eve, despite being extremely tired as the pregnancy took over. (Yes, Montreal...and, yes, it was f-ing cold.)

Month 2: What's with all of those blood tests and other uncomfortable-looking probes??? Ugh...I could never do that.....

Month 4: Took a cruise through the Panama Canal...making a stop to actually go kayaking in Gatun Lake.

Month 5: Watched the Yankees beat the Red Sox (7-3, W: Mussina) at Yankee stadium. (Up and cheering with the rest of us!)

Month 8: Spent an entire wedding on the dance floor (dancing) as other pregnant women whined about swollen feet.

Month 9: Delivering a baby...I mean, I could never do that....(true, she hasn't done that yet, but, just the thought of it...)

Oh...and not once did I have to leave the house at 2am to get a pint of Ben & Jerry's double-mocha-banana split ice cream with a bag of gummy bears for mixin'.

So, a toast to Newmommy....this Bud's for you!

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