Saturday, August 12, 2006


Admittedly, I am not much of a blogger. I tried one once, posted three posts, realized I wasn't so into it, and pulled the thing down.

A good friend of mine is an avid blogger, and is the author of a very popular blog. (I don't want to give away his anonymity, maybe later...) We got to talking about Newmommy's pregnancy (she's beginning her 37th week) and how many funny, strange, quirky things a man has to go through during the process. He thought that would be a good topic for a blog, so I figured I'd give it a try.

I searched the web to see if this has been done. Lots of "New Father" blogs that broke down into three categories:

(1) "I love my child" blogs. "[My baby] is the snuggliest, loviest, blessing I have ever received." Nothing wrong with loving your kids...but these blogs tend to be cheesier than a large Domino's.

(2) Minute-by-Minute My Baby is...blogs. "3:15pm. My baby just peed on me." "3:17pm. My baby just moved an arm." I'll call CNN.

(3) Helpful tips. "Use Pampers deluxe 425 instead of 426 because the fabric on the tush is softer." Again, nothing wrong with that, but I'd like a different theme.

I want this blog to be about the experiences a dad goes through as a dad. I don't want to make you sick with how much I love my kid, or be a resource to fathers about the products available. I want to focus on the important stuff...that's why I put up some MLB links so that people can easily go from here to sites that will be helpful in raising their kids.

Who am I kidding? When the kid comes, I probably won't have time for this.


F-Train said...

Who am I kidding? When the kid comes, I probably won't have time for this.

Hahahahaha. I guess I'll give you a temporary "welcome!" then. I don't know how much crossover traffic between my readers and yours there might be, but I'll try to pimp your totally gay online diary later today.

buddaddy said...

Thanks, f-train, I learned it from watching you!

I will throw some pimpage your way when I can think of a link between fatherhood and poker...(no breastfeeding/'two pair' jokes).

Chilly said...

Here I am. I am F-Train's crossover traffic. Father of 1 19 month old.

buddaddy said...


A warm welcome to someone who has just provided me hours of entertainment....

...I do see the similarity!