Saturday, September 09, 2006


Bud was born today (I guess technically yesterday, September 8), and she's beautiful! She was born at 10:20pm, 7lbs 10oz. Newmommy was a rock star in delivery, but that was to be expected.

(I realize now that despite my view on gender-neutral language, Bud may not be the best nickname for a girl, so I may need to call her something different for purposes of this blog.)

I'll write more after I have gotten some sleep.


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Steven said...

Congrats. The good news is you now have about 16 years or so before you have to start worrying about the guys she will date and their intentions, plenty of time for you to perfect your interrogation and intimidation skills.

You can retire the Bud nickname and replace it with Budina or Boodah.