Saturday, February 23, 2008

Can I Get Some Service Over Here?!?!?

One of the most fascinating things about parenting is watching your child suddenly make a connection: they realize a fact of life (no, not the kind with Tottie and Blair) and immediately change their behavior to account for it. We had one of those moments this morning.

Up until today, Bud's wake-up routine was pretty easy. There would be a good thirty-minute or so period where she would wake up; grunt and moan for bit followed by some quiet talking, followed by some louder talking. The talking was happy and content, so we let her wake up during that us time to do the same. I think those days are over.

My guess is that last night, Elmo came to Bud in a dream and said (in that annoying high-pitched voice...) "Hey, Bud, do you realize, you can call your parents in the morning and they will come and get you?? That way, we can get to playing much quicker!! Elmo loves you!!"

7:00 am: "Moooooooooooommmyyyy! Aaaaare you???? Daaaaaaaaaaaadddddyyyyy! Aaaaaare you??? P-lay, p-lay, p-lay."

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