Sunday, February 03, 2008

Let's Get Some Shoes

In honor of Bud's gradual mastery of walking, today we took her to get her first pair of shoes. As parents with their "first", we made a huge deal about this otherwise ordinary trip to the shoe store. Bud's feet measured a '6', and I have the photographs to prove it. Yes, the shoe salesman thought I was crazy for taking pictures. (Yeah, like I'm the first over-proud daddy to take his kid for shoes.)

After we bought the shoes (which, by the way, were double the price I was expecting...), we decided to try them out by walking around town. Bud was great on her first outdoor walk...she made it down to the end of the block. Bud walks like a drunken sailor on downers, wobbly and slow.

On the ride home, she kept playing with her shoes and saying "" It's a lot funnier... as is the title of this post...if you've seen this. I guess Bud's a fan. She seemed she knew that getting shoes is something reserved only for the illustrious "Big Girls."

Oh, and by the worked last I'll take the long-shot and try it again:

Bud's Superbowl pic:

New England Cheater-McCheatties vs. the Giants of Jersey

Upset- Giants by a field goal.


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