Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Taking Breastfeeding to a Whole New Level

Billboard on Route 4 in New Jersey for the Hooters in Hackensack:

"Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays. Mom and Dad: $5 pitchers!"

I realize that being a father makes you see the world completely differently. It's like going to law school...after three years of law school, I read every contract before agreeing to them (yes, including the ones on the back of tickets for sporting events), I see potential lawsuits wherever I go, and, as my paralegals tell me, I have lost my sense of humor in place of jokes about SEC filings and misspellings in legal documents (in all fairness, sometimes they can be very funny).

But, do you really need to be a dad to find something wrong with this billboard? Should you really be taking your kids to Hooters? And if you are, should mom and dad be downing $5 pitchers?

The billboard made me think of this.

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