Sunday, January 28, 2007

Deuce....deuce and a half, not bad!

Bud was constipated for a few days; and it looked really uncomfortable. Not that I think adult constipation is a picnic, but at 4-months old, it's really gotta suck. Taking a dump at that age looks terrible...first of all, you're sitting on your parent's lap. The privacy factor is just gone. don't even have the pleasure of a've got to sit in it until you're changed.

But the worst part looks like the pushing. Being four months, Bud has no idea how her body works, so when she pushes...she pushes! Her face turns red and she let's out a loud grunt. (Like the visual?) Lately, when she's done, she let's out a "wehew......" When that's over, I feel like she should have gotten more than a dump, she should have gotten a prize!

Anyway, her constipation ended yesterday with authority...if you know what I mean. And what's weird is: I'm psyched. I feel like she accomplished something. That's fatherhood- being psyched about a four month old dropping a deuce.

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