Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Hanukkah

Do you want to argue about the spelling?

How about a nice friendly game of dreidel?

How about singing a traditional Hanukkah song?

Bud figured out how to use Ofoto, because she gave me a deck of cards and a beer mug, each with her picture on it! Newmommy and I got her this for the first night. She loves it, and it's given me a great business idea...please don't steal it: a line of baby toys that play music but don't annoy parents! Children's shows these days often include a lot of adult humor; why can't toys be tailored so as not to annoy parents? Seriously, if I hear that Leapfrog woman say "three little butterflies fluttering by, three little butterflies fly, fly, fly..." one more time I may have to shoot myself.

Dreidel comes up on spellcheck? F-ing anti-semites.

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