Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bud's "Best-of" Album

Having now passed the ten-month birthday, Bud is clearly demonstrating "likes." When I discover new favorites, I'll share them with you. Let's get the list started:
  • The "So-Big" Game. Even though nobody asks "how big is Bud?" She puts her hands in the air regardless. She has yet to wave them around like she just doesn't care, though.
  • Mariachi Bands. Take a ten-month-old to a Mexican restaurant right around bed time...see what happens when a loud Mariachi band comes out. The baby cries, right? Wrong, Bud started laughing and clapping.
  • Dogs. I don't know where she gets this from...Newmommy and I aren't dog people. In fact, we're considering telling her that one of us is allergic if she asks for one! However, when a dog comes over to Bud, she giggles and snorts (which, as they say in those commercials is "Cute at one, no so cute at twenty-one.")
  • Mirrors. She's so vain, she probably thinks this post is about her.
  • Zippers. No idea.
That's good for now; I want to get back to the All-Star Game. I'm in the camp that thinks the whole home-field advantage thing is pretty dumb but, as a Yankees fan, it's been working out in our best interest. It just kills me to be rooting for David Ortiz.

And, while watching the Home Run Derby last night, I realized that the winner, Vladimir Guerrero looks just like Coolio. Observe below (strange that I found a picture of Coolio in an Angels jersey...)


Anonymous said...

I guess all Black people look the same to you, right? Damn, that's racist.

buddaddy said...

I hope that's a joke.