Sunday, July 08, 2007

Toilet Humor

Pop quiz, hotshot. You're at a friend's house and you've really gotta take a whizz. You go into the guest bathroom and, on top of the toilet seat is the plastic "mini-toilet seat" that your friend uses to train his three-year-old. You can't quite lift the toilet seat, as the mini-toilet doesn't go up all the way. Oh, and you're a guy. What do you do...what do you do?

A. Remove the mini-toilet seat and reattach it when you are done.

B. Do the pee-while-holding-the-seat maneuver.

C. Find an alternative to the bathroom: a third or master bathroom, behind a tree outside, the sink....

D. Hope that your aim is on.

A is a bit of a pain, and, if you're like me, sometimes those clip/strap adjustable things don't work out quite right. C may not be an option in some houses, during the winter or if there are a lot of people around. And we all know the risks of B and D.


Oh, and if our dinner hosts from last night are reading this, you can rest easy...your toilet seat went all the way up, so I did not need to resort to any questionable methods.

Or did I?

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