Sunday, July 01, 2007

They Fight and Fight and Fight, This is See-wee-uhs

Let me bring you back to my childhood for a moment (RSS readers click through):

And now a little peek into Bud's cartoon experiences:

There apparently have been a lot of changes over the past twenty-or-so years. Today's cartoons are teaching children teamwork, foreign languages and problem-solving skills. The cartoons of my day merely taught that explosives and the Acme corporation could basically solve any problem. If Bud is in the middle of the woods in South America, she's going to have no trouble whatsoever finding "Fiesta Island," so long as no sneaky little foxes try to jack her backpack. That's fantastic, the best I can say is: I'm all set if a coyote ever tries to run me off of a cliff.

P.S. In researching today's post I found this. A little bit of old-meets-new. Wonderpets fans: don't click.

P.P.S. I want to preserve a bit of anonymity...but I want to thank a certain North Carolinianite with two kids, one of which loves Percy, for inspiring this post.

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