Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Formula Brings all the Boys to the Yard

Friends of ours invited us to a Fourth of July BBBQ. There were about six couples, Bud and one of the other couple's 16-month-old boy. And, when you're a near-ten-month-old, if someone knows someone of similar age, they always want to set you up.

At around dessert time, the little boy awoke from his nap and was brought downstairs to meet this chick everyone's been talking about. "It's on!!" yells the host.

He slowly approaches Bud, who catches him in the corner of her eye. She turns to him, and being the social one, gives him a smile. Then, she let out a scream of joy: "AAAAHHHH!" That's where it ended: the boy got scared, cried, and I think crapped himself.

Bud needs to learn to play hard-to-get...either that, or be a bit less intimidating.

She did look upset when the little boy got scared, and I could of sworn the look on her face was one of "what did I do wrong?"

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