Saturday, June 30, 2007

No Joy in Mudville

Today we (me, Newmommy, Newaunt, and Newgrandma) took Newgrandpa to the Yankees game as his father's day present and, oh how I wish I got him a tie....or cufflinks....or allowed him to use this day to get a colonoscopy- it would have been much more pleasant.

In case you're not scoring at home: 7-0 Oakland. Our one moment of glory was a Johnny Damon hit in the sixth: the only Yankee hit of the game. We did not bring Bud to the game, but, if we did, she would have made it longer than the Yankee's starting pitcher: Kei Igawa. The highlights of the game surrounded fans catching foul balls (there were some great catches, by the way). This puts my season to 2-2.

That team needs to undergo some major personnel changes if we're ever going to rebuild the dynasty of the late '90s.

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F-Train said...

I was at the game too with a bunch of poker bloggers. At the end, one guy was shouting "Bring Back Bernie", another one kept saying "Atta Boy, Scott" as Proctor imploded, and I could only mutter "one fucking hit."