Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Stupidest Question Ever Asked About Bud

I wish you all could have been there as Newdaddy history was made Tuesday night. Newmommy and I were at a party, when some lady, after hearing that we had a nine-month-old at home, asked the single stupidest question ever asked about Bud. And here it is:

"What's it like having a Virgo..."

...and, if that wasn't enough...the follow-up:

" she really organized?"

Yes. After waking up at exactly 6:00am and going for her 5 mile jog, Bud meticulously records her total running time and average time per mile into her workout log. She checks her blackberry, and then reviews her daily Lotus Notes schedule.

"Ah, exer-saucer at 9am today; followed by a 10am bottle. Better postpone that conference call with the Teddy Bear, the learn-to-count caterpillar and my blankie!"

Milestone: Bud figured out how to clap yesterday. With cream cheese in hand (and on arm, and all over face) she clapped once, giggled, and then clapped again. You can see the wheels turning.

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