Monday, June 04, 2007

Buy Me Toys (and other Father's Day Ideas)

Father's Day is on the horizon. Don't know what to get dad? Here are some suggestions. (Note: this is not a hint to my family; just a bunch of good ideas that, if you know me well, you probably would have figured out on your own anyway).
  • Sporting event tickets. Wrap it up with a coupon "good for one free night/afternoon of babysitting." For Manhattanites, the ferry trip to a game is always a lot of fun.
  • Satellite Radio. I haven't been following the merger news, but I am a big fan of XM Radio. You get all the MLB games. Sirius is good for football fans. It'll be great after the merger to get it all!
  • Beer of the Month Club. There are tons of them, but I happen to like this one. Four three-packs each month: two domestic, two imports. This company also lets you mix it up with wine, chocolate, cheese or cigars. Newmommy and I got each other the beer/wine combo for Hanukkah last year. Its an unexpected party each month when the box arrives! (And only you are invited!)
  • Pictures for the Office. Homer Simpson covered that de-motivational plaque on his desk ("Don't Forget: You're Here Forever") with a picture of Maggie. It worked for him...and TV is always right!
  • (I considered using a bulletpoint for TiVo/DVR, but if you haven't gotten that by now, you probably already have a good reason.)
I'm still working on this list...any ideas?

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Pat said...

Sure, satellite radio is another option but a merged company could potentially hurt traditional radio by artificially deflating advertising rates on the local level. I do some consulting for the national association of broadcasters and a single satellite provider would put them at an unfair advantage and they could do anything they wanted as far as pricing whereas traditional radio is obviously free. That said, the chances of the merger going through are slim.

Oh, my dad loves his electronic picture frame that rotates through a bunch of pics. Great for the home or office.