Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Highlights

My first father's day was certainly memorable, and not just because I won $36 playing the 4-6 exacta in the 8th race at Monmouth Park, although that certainly would have made the highlight reel.

Bud's first present of the morning was certainly well received: she slept until 8am. The day was off to a good start!

All throughout the weekend we had suspected she had taken a cognitive step, but after she woke up, it was confirmed- my little girl is clapping and waving 'goodbye.' What makes this so important in my mind is that she is responding to what we say: when we say "clap, clap, clap your hands", she does. When we say "bye, bye", she waves, and mumbles something that sounds like "bye," although I am not ready to officially declare the First Word yet.

As I mentioned, the afternoon was spent at Monmouth Park, betting on the horses. It's not as sketchy as it sounds: the whole family- Newmommy, the Grandparents Committee and Newaunt- got a parterre for the day, which was a nice touch. And, despite my $36 win, I think I came out about even. Bud, however, fell in love with a doorknob. She saw her reflection and chatted with the thing the entire day.

Back to Newgrandpa and Newgrandma's house for a BBBQ. Ladies and gentlemen, Bud had her first hamburger. The Corner Bistro is not too far away, although I think it'll be a few more years until she's ordering $2 beers. ("Can I be a boozehound? Not 'till your fifteen...")

Did I mention Bud claps? On the drive home, we were listening to the Yankees/Mets game. A-Rod hit a homerun. I start clapping and Bud follows right behind me! Rooting for the right team at 9-months...priceless.

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