Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Home Alone

That's right...Newmommy and Bud took a mini-vacation with some friends, leaving me to hold down the fort on my own. It's so rare that I get this place to myself....what can I do with all this space and free time?
  • Watch "Futurama" and "Reno 911" and other shows that Newmommy can't stand.
  • Talk really, really, loud in my house without fear of waking up Bud.
  • Watch the developing train wreck Yankees-Orioles series. (Seriously, Proctor walked in the winning run. Have I ever told you how much I sucked in little league?? Last night's game reminded me of my far, far, far, far left field days.)
  • Work on my fantasy football roster. Here's who I have so far, I'd appreciate suggestions:
      • Fred 'Ogre' Palowakski (Ogre! Ogre! Ogre!)
      • Charles Jefferson (he's still pretty pissed about his car)
      • Randall 'Pink' Floyd (even though he's due for a major attitude adjustment)
      • Bobby Boucher (if his mom let's him play 'the foosball')
      • Jake Wyler (Mr. Better-not-ruin-my-perfect-season better not ruin my perfect season)
      • Jon Moxon (I don't want your life)
  • Catch up on Vinny Chase. OK, you win, I'll also catch up on the polygamists. I will remain behind on my two newest friends.

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