Sunday, June 24, 2007

Who's That Ba-boo Looking in the Mirror?

Bud has made a new friend...her reflection. I commented earlier that, on Father's Day, she fell in love with a doorknob. Well, Bud has actually befriended every doorknob in our house, and every faucet, and every mirror. She looks at her reflection and says "ba-ba." Sometimes it's "ba-boo," some times it's just "ba," occasionally it's "Bob," and sometimes....just sometimes, it's "Barbara." I am taking it for "baby." It's either that, or she's befriended some couple named Bob and Barbara.

And, if that's not enough, on the culinary front: Bud had her first pizza! Daddy gave her a little piece, after which she tried to grab the entire slice. Good girl...good girl!! There will be plenty more of that! She also had her first mac-'n-cheese.

P.S. Sorry about the recent lapse in posting: I've been destracted- we may be moving. Also, I've been watching the recent train wreck that is the New York Yankees. They managed to pull back to 7 1/2 out and, just like that, it's back to the double-digits. Looking at the schedules, I think David Ortiz's arm would have to fall off for us to take the AL East, my father-in-law says, "It's the Yankees..." So, we'll keep the hope around here. In the meantime, this post is a great summary of the past decade of Yankees baseball.

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