Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Night Potpourri

Some random thoughts on a Sunday night:
  • Green Beans & Rice (Cereal) Didn't Miss Ha': I visited the newest newdaddy and his wife in the hospital on Friday and, as I lifted their new son, I was amazed at how light he was; no, more accurately, I was more amazed at how much heavier Bud feels now than she did nine months ago.
  • Dear Parents and Guardians: Yesterday began the formal phase of newmommy and my house hunting efforts. It was a lot easier last time, all we needed was an easy commute to the city, a bedroom for newmommy and me, and the "office-ultimately- to-become-nursery." Now, we need to worry about school districts, busing, other kids in the neighborhood, etc. No longer is the nearest sushi bar a (top) priority. More on that in the days to come.
  • Six-in-a-row!: Yanks take 3 out of 4 from Chicago and sweep Pittsburgh. They still need to take 9 1/2 back from the Sox in order to stand above the AL East, but the team's definitely showing signs of life.
  • Sopranos Finale: Either I don't have an appreciation for fine theatrical arts, my cable went out at 10:03pm tonight, or that was the worst series finale ever.

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