Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bud's Naming

The first ceremony in a Jewish girl's life is her baby involves her being called to the Torah, having a few prayers said, and the Rabbi bestowing a name on her (which was chosen by her parents, usually in honor of late ancestors). No knives or other sharp objects are involved...boys are not so lucky in this respect.

So, yesterday was Bud's baby naming where she received the name of her maternal great-grandmothers and her maternal great-grandfather: Chana Mayera bat Yakov. (I do realize that this is one of those details that may destroy the anonymity of this blog...but I'm willing to take that chance!)

I was amazed at how well Bud did. First, during the service prior to her naming, she seemed to be moving to the beat of the songs. Then, when they called us up, she fell asleep on my shoulder...until the time at which the name was given, at which point she woke up and looked at the Rabbi; seemingly interested in what he was saying. Then, when the ceremony was over, back to sleep. (I am leaving out the part where apparently Newmommy was faced with changing a rather challenging diaper.)

This was also the first time Bud was at a social function with a large group of her family and "friends." Although she slept through most of it, I think she had a good time.

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Brian said...

Chana, of course, also refers to the first known Chana from the Chanukah story, a woman whose faith and resolve was so powerful that she was able to withstand unimaginable pain rather than betray her beliefs.

Mayera means "one who provides light" or "one who enlightens".

May Chana Mayera grow to become a woman of unwavering conviction and be a source of light to all those around her.

Mazel Tov!