Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Word to your Mother (and Father)...

"Daddy." - Maggie Simpson's First Word

Bud said what I think is her first word today..."Hi." I suspected that this would be her first word, as her babbling has come close recently; however, this could be babble also, so I am not declaring this "official" unless she says it a few more times this week. If she does, I can assume it's not babble, and my little girl is talking.

What constitutes a first word? Is it the first noise that sounds like a word, or need there be intent? [Sounds like a law school question.] With a word like "book", "daddy" or "car" (my first word) a baby can point to demonstrate intent. "Hi" is more tricky. She has been waving a lot lately, but I don't think she was waving when I heard her say "Hi." All I know is that it kinda creeped me out...I was in the other room, heard Newmommy talking, and heard another separate voice, clear as day, say "Hi."

While this is not official, I really do think this was her first word. It just sounded so clear. Stay tuned for updates!

"The sooner kids talk, the sooner they talk back...I hope you never say a word." - Homer, to Maggie, right before she said her first word.

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