Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Playdate Disclaimer

It seems that every time Newmommy, Bud and I get together with another family with a child, we are always warned that their child has recently had an "ear infection" or a "runny nose" or something else that doesn't reach the level of "we need to cancel on you", but instead puts us with the decision of whether or not to go. That decision typically ends with Newmommy and I rationalizing that kids are probably exposed to this sort of thing on a daily basis; so why should we avoid this specific instance?

Don't get me wrong...we give this warning out often too. To make all of our lives easier, I have prepared the following disclaimer. From now on, before you get together with someone, simply e-mail them'll save everyone time and avoid the awkward conversations!


Socializing with children is not free from risks. While we do not have reason to believe our child has any serious communicable diseases, we are not undertaking to disclose to you every cough, sneeze, runny nose, pain, "touching of the ears", "rubbing of the eyes", unusually colored, scented or shaped bowel movements, or other irregularity experienced by our child either today or in the immediate past. Therefore, you should carefully evaluate with your spouse and relevant medical professionals the advisability and suitability of socializing with us today. Our invitation to socialize is not a representation by us of the complete health of our child, nor is it a representation that your child's health will not be impacted by such socializing.

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