Friday, May 18, 2007


Newmommy and I are taking our second Budcation this weekend. I took Thursday and Friday off from work; she dropped Bud off at her parents, and we are baby-free for three nights.

We think it's good for everyone involved: Newmommy and I get some time alone to do the things we used to do before we were a family of three (like sleep in, go to dinner without having to rush back to relieve the babysitter, etc.), the Grandparents get some QT with Bud, and Bud...well, aside from having QT with Newnana and Newgrampy, we think it's good for her not to spend every minute with the end it will make her more comfortable with new environments and separation from us when it's time for her to go to school. Or at least that's my justification.

Of course, this does not feel like time before we were a family of three (and it's not because Newmommy is much smaller than she was during those last few months...) Our house seems really empty and quiet. I've been doing my after-7 whisper at night, before realizing that I can be as loud as I want. Also, back in the old days, I do not recall regularly flipping through my cell phone pics, or watching the video snippet of a baby going "da da da da."

I'm not saying we're not having fun...yesterday we did a "best of" tour of some of the NYC spots we enjoyed while I was in law school, including an overpriced PB&J spot, the oldest bar in the city, and the best burger joint in town. (I am going to omit what we did from about 2:30pm to 5pm, because we were watching some obscure sporting event whose outcome I am trying to block out.) Tonight we have some interesting plans, although I am going to save that for another post. So, we're having a good time.

I guess the take-away here is that, as a parent, you can never recapture your pre-parent life, even during a Budcation. That's fine...on the balance, "da da da da" makes it all worthwhile.

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