Sunday, May 27, 2007

DJ Newdaddy (or, eating my words)

Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I eat my words. In my pre-daddy days I posited a theory that was scientifically disproved today. From a post dated three weeks prior to Bud's birth:

"I have been given many warnings about the irritating, repetitive children's music that I'm going to have to put up with....and have been told that I will know the lyrics to "The Wheels on the Bus" better than I knew the lyrics to "Parents Just Don't Understand" eighteen years ago.

But, why is this? Why don't parents just play a mix of kid's songs and whatever the parents enjoy? That way, the kid will learn to appreciate different types of music at an early age."

The reason, loyal readers, is that the kids ask for the music. Today, Newmommy, Bud and I were in the car heading to see the Newgrandparents Committee. XM46- Top Tracks was on, (I think we were listening to some Skyyard), when all I hear in the back is "uhhh....uhhh....uhh." It wasn't a cry, but rather a minorly irritating whine. So, I switched on her "Music Together" CD. The "uhhhs" immediately stopped. About twenty minutes later, I flipped the radio back on...the "uhhhs" restarted; the CD went back on, the "uhhhs" stopped.

This scene was repeated on the car ride back. Apparently "uhhh...uhhh" is babytalk for "Excuse me, Daddy, but would you please turn off this music that you are obviously enjoying and put on "Music Together", "Baby Einstein", or something by Sandra Boynton or Laurie Berkner? If you refuse this demand, I will make an annoying sound until you comply....ready, go!"

So much for my musical theory.


SoxLover said...

Oh I can't wait!

Oh, I thought of you when I found myself buying this:

Anonymous said...

Okay, seriously, just for the record here, we were right. I recall vividly when you and Newmommy were in the back of our car with our first baby and you could not stop making fun of us because we played Baby Einstein and Music Together. I know you're admitting to being wrong, but it is certainly not nearly as satisfying as telling you that I told you so -- we were right!! :-)

buddaddy said...

Hence the title "eating my words." However, I think I was making fun of you because you were listening to the CDs while your kid wasn't even in the car.