Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What Kind of Blog Is This?

Don't you just love Google Analytics? It allows you to see what people entered into their search engine to get to your website. Let me share some of my recent favorites with you:

1. "focking," "double focking," "focking breasts." Proves the Avenue Q statement "The Internet is for Porn." I set up an innocent blog about what it's like to be a new father, and somehow...somehow, it attracts porn seekers. (Actually, they probably caught my optimistic post about how good the second "Meet the Parents" sequel will be.)

2. "wet bed blog" Yuck. A whole blog about it? I guess my idea for a "Spitup Blog" may be worth something after all.

3. "what does an erection look like" I know someone who failed eighth grade health! Sorry I couldn't help you there, sport.

4. "bon jovi in las vegas checklist" Hair drier? Check. Tight Jeans? Check. Guest passes to the Crazy Horse? Check.

5. "eight month old baby won't sleep late" What a unique problem! You mean you have to wake up before 8am? You're not alone...my baby hasn't gotten a job yet.

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