Friday, May 04, 2007

Blame it on the Teeth

Bud is not a crier. Yes, we got very, very lucky. When she's upset, she simply moans a lot. So, when she cried throughout tonight's dinner (or, throughout the time when Newmommy and I tried to feed her dinner), we were obviously concerned.

We went through the "upset" checklist:
(1) Hungry? Well, no, we're feeding her, so it can't be that.
(2) Gassy? Nope. We stopped, burped her, she gave us a few, and we continued. Still crying.
(3) Dirty? Nope.
(4) Tired? She is tired, but she's crying way more than usual for just being tired.

So, we did what every parent of a 4-10 month old would do. Panic, and then blame it on the first possible thing we can think of...she's teething. We've blamed quite a few issues on teething, and, mind you, she has no teeth yet. But, when she starting sucking on Newmommy's finger...and then the it was the only thing that could prevent her agony...well, I think that's a pretty good indication that a tooth may be on the way. Now, I've mistakenly declared a "milestone" in the past, so let's not jump to conclusion until we actually break out the Crest. It may soon be time to fight those Cavity Creeps...."we make holes in teeth..."

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