Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Yanks/Sox Victory

The Red Sox nation and the Yankees Universe (evil empire, whatever you want to call it) each saw victories last night. The Yankees, of course, beat the Red Sox 6-2, and your humble narrator, as an attendee, improved his season record to 2-1.

Watching Bud was Newnana and Newgrampy (for those new to the blog; Newmommy's parents). Newgrampy is Yankees fan who (with Newnana, also a Yankees fan) taught their little girl well. Newgrampy is somewhat of an optimist...when our team is down, his mantra is: "we got 'em right where we want 'em." True to form, he has posited a theory, which will be known as the "Newgrampy Theory." Prior to Sunday night's victory over the Mets, the Bombers were 10 1/2 games out. According to Newgrampy, "[the Yankees] will take 3 back in June, 3 back in July, 3 back in August, and be in first place in September." I thought it would be fun to track this, and will add a little tracker on the sidebar of this blog.

The Red Sox saw a victory last night as well (thankfully, not on the field). The Sox nation grew by one last night as Soxlover entered the Newdaddy club. Congratulations to Soxlover and the whole Soxlover family!

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SoxLover said...

Well, she did come out screaming yesterday morning, no doubt complaining about Wakefield's inconsistency the night before. But in fact her date of birth was properly celebrated by Manny being Manny, the more so as Taverez celebrated both his own birth date and that of the newest Sox fan in New Jersey.