Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bud's First Solid Food!

Today we reached a milestone in Bud's life: her first solid meal. Of course, it was a rice cereal mixed with part cereal and a few hundred parts formula, so it was more "soup" than "solid," but, nevertheless, technically, it was her first solids.

The meal went something like this:

We fed her a few ounces of her normal breakfast bottle. Then, we moved the feeding into the kitchen and spoon-fed her the cereal. At first, she tried to suck the spoon, as she doesn't know how else to eat. Then, confusion set in...she looked at us like "what the heck are you doing to me...where's my bottle?" As time went on, it looked like she was getting the hang of it, but not doing too well; most of the food went all over her mouth and bib. Still, she didn't seem angry or frustrated, and she didn't cry. She actually seemed a bit excited between spoonfulls, and I'm not sure if that was excitement for the food, or an expression of something else.

Newmommy told me that "The Book" warned that during a baby's first feeding, the baby may look insulted. (Where's my real food...why are you giving me this?) That's hysterical.

Oh yeah, and as she kicked during her mid-feeding breaks, she managed to kick the bowl out of Newmommy's hands and knock some of the cereal onto the table. So, out of the whole bowl, I would say: 20% landed on the table, 30% got on her bib, 20% made it onto (but not into) her mouth, and the rest was eaten. 30%...not bad. Of course, that's a guess.

So, congratulations to Bud!

P.S. And, if that wasn't enough...Bud confirmed that she has the whole back-to-tummy roll down. We found her face-down at the end of her nap.

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