Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super-bowel I

It's Superbowl Sunday (sorry, I don't have a licence to use that's "Big Game" Sunday), and "of course there's bets being's the Superbowl!" Before we get into the prop bets for today, I wanted to congratulate Bud on her first road trip. Just call me Clark W. Griswald: we drove about three and a half hours from the NY area to Columbia, Maryland to visit friends. Sure, Bud came down with a cold while we were there, but we managed to drive there on Friday and back today with no issues. Of course, when Newmommy was asleep on the ride back, Cristine Brinkley and I....well, that's another story.

OK, so on to today's superbowl bets.

#1: "Superbowel": What will come first, a touchdown or a diaper change?

#2: What will be my first mid-game interruption? (a) Baby-related, (b) wife-related, (c) pizza-delivery-guy related, (d) other.

#3: What will be advertised in the first commercial with a baby in it? (a) Something computer related, (b) something food related, (c) beer, (d) other.

#4: Will the team that is winning when Bud goes to sleep win the game?

...well, I should have started this earlier, as Bud is now getting sick of her Jumperoo. Well...I will post the results tomorrow.

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