Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Keep Her Off the Pole

"They don't grade fathers, but if your daughter's a stripper...you f-ed up!" - Chris Rock

My route home from work brings me past a strip club. (It's not as sketchy as it sounds...it's Manhattan.) As I walked past this evening, I saw a young woman entering, with a cup of coffee in hand, saying hi to the bouncers as if she was beginning her work day. And she was.

That's scary for any father. And, I happen to agree with Chris Rock, if your daughter is a stripper, you are a bad father. I'm not saying that fathers of strippers are worthless human beings...they can be good at other things..., nor am I passing judgment on the valuable service these young women provide, but one of the few definitive tests for being a bad father is..."does my daughter give lap dances to 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'"?

Is there any definitive tests of being a good father? I doubt it...it's much easier to be a bad father. I just wonder if there are any signs that I can look at 10, 15, 20 years from now...point to and say, "there, you see that....I succeeded."

Maybe I should start with giving Bud a better nickname?

P.S. Did Jack Bower spend last night's entire episode changing clothes?


Anonymous said...

I'm a new daddy as well. I made a t-shirt for my daughter to remind me of my one and only goal.


Tony Myles said...

I just welcomed my daughter into the world as well. It's a big responsibility to raise kids up, and I know that even after being a dad to two boys this is a new adventure. I wrote a little something about it.