Monday, February 05, 2007

Super-bowel I: RESULTS SHOW!

In the style of "American Idol," before we get to the results, lets just recap the game from last night. ( bad, that was not real football, that was foootbal.) Let's get to it...

#1: "Superbowel": What will come first, a touchdown or a diaper change?

Touchdown. Devin Hester returns the opening kickoff for a 92-yard touchdown. Meanwhile, Bud's diaper is clean & dry. (The same couldn't be said for Payton Manning at that moment! But, the tables did turn...)

#2: What will be my first mid-game interruption? (a) Baby-related, (b) wife-related, (c) pizza-delivery-guy related, (d) other.

This one's all in the interpretation. At 6:45pm (10 minutes into the first quarter), Bud's cold needed to be "asperated"...and my wife asked me to do it. I'd say it goes under (B)..but I guess technically it's (A).

#3: What will be advertised in the first commercial with a baby in it? (a) Something computer related, (b) something food related, (c) beer, (d) other.

(B). At 7:53pm (towards the end of the second quarter), there was a commercial for Doritos/Lays/Tostitos. I am having trouble finding it online, but trust me.

#4: Will the team that is winning when Bud goes to sleep win the game?

Yes. Bud was put in her crib at 8:31pm (Colts up 16-14), and fell asleep at 8:45pm, a Colts field-goal later. And, if you have been living under a rock, Colts won.

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